Ivan Eiroa Santamarina

Ivan integrates practice, research and theory in his efforts to illuminate human-centred experiences and improve urbanism practices in Aotearoa.

He promotes the importance of narratives and storytelling in a bi-cultural context and the implementation of ecosystemic urbanism in our natural and built environments.

He holds a Masters in Urban Planning and Architecture from the University of A Corunha, Spain (2003).

Ivan’s projects include:

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Ivan is a Registered Architect in New Zealand and Spain.

Ivan's projects

Charles Gordon

Charles is a practising Landscape Architect for 32 years, NZILA Registered.

He has experience in wide range Public Space Design including Master planning, Urban design, Streetscape design and detailing, Sub-divisional layouts and Parks design.

His focus is on creative place making with a sound practical understanding of engineering and construction.

Charles is the recipient of :

  • 2015 NZILA – George Malcolm Supreme Award for “Te Kopahou Reserve Entrace to Wellington South Coast”
  • 2013 NZILA – Distinction Award for “Oruaiti Reserve Pa Site – Waka
  • 2011 Wellington Civic Trust Award – City Public Space Category “Te Ahumarangi Tinakori Hill Lookout Development and Viewing Deck”

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