CPTED in Central Wellington

CCTV cameras’ location and their viewsheds. Source: WCC

Currently, Wellington City Council (WCC) is implementing tactical urbanism interventions to improve Dixon Street and Te Aro Park and increase the safety and vibrancy of the area (Pōneke Promise).

These interventions are about more than just improving the look and feel of the area, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles are at the core of this project and unique challenges have been identified. A temporary and innovative design addresses these issues by creating better sightlines to and from the park, slowing the traffic, and providing more pedestrian and outdoor dining space.

Dixon Street tactical interventions artists impression. Source: WCC

WCC’s Safety Team has engaged Urbanhub Aotearoa seeking an independent CPTED assessment, to identify any risk in placing a portable (and temporary) block of public toilets in a busy central area intersection to bridge the gap between the demolition of the Te Aro Park toilets and before the new toilets open on Inglewood Place.

This enables WCC to remove the Te Aro Park toilets sooner and proceed with place-making improvements at this iconic central city public space.

Hand Tally people counter

Urbanhub Aotearoa‘s staff stood in the study area separated 4 meters from the pedestrian flow, then recorded how many people moved past the intersection and how they were moving.