Ivan Eiroa Santamarina

Ivan is a practicing urban planner, urban strategist, city shaper and architect for 19 years.

He is a certified independent commissioner and a registered architect in Aotearoa New Zealand and Spain.

Ivan integrates practice, research, and theory in his efforts to illuminate human-centered experiences and improve urbanism practices in Aotearoa New Zealand.

He holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Urban Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of A Coruña, Spain (2003).

Ivan has contributed for two years as a senior project architect and lead designer to the Christchurch rebuild working for a multidisciplinary consultancy in a post-earthquake environment.

Ivan has held senior roles in the three main territorial authorities as an expert and reporting officer on urban design matters (hearings, design review panels, resource consents applications, and pre-application meetings) while championing urban design across units and directorates. He has also carried out design reviews on anchor projects and led streetscape and public realm improvement projects as the project manager and design lead.

Ivan’s field of expertise is project management, RMA planning, urban design, and architecture.

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Ivan's projects

Charles Gordon

Charles is a practicing Landscape Architect for 33 years, NZILA Registered.

He has experience in a wide range of public space design including master planning, urban design, streetscape design and detailing, sub-divisional layouts, and parks design.

His focus is on creative placemaking with a sound practical understanding of engineering and construction.

Charles is the recipient of :

  • 2015 NZILA – George Malcolm Supreme Award for “Te Kopahou Reserve Entrace to Wellington South Coast”
  • 2013 NZILA – Distinction Award for “Oruaiti Reserve Pa Site – Waka
  • 2011 Wellington Civic Trust Award – City Public Space Category “Te Ahumarangi Tinakori Hill Lookout Development and Viewing Deck”

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